Our Story

Being blessed with five decades of combined experience in training, electronic assessment and lecturing, the developers of RadCrit now offer the ultimate tool to ensure professional development, continuing education and a life-long learning experience for professional radiographers and radiological technologists, as well as students. RadCrit serves to empower and advance the knowledge base of the professional community of radiographers in a user-friendly and accessible manner.

RadCrit was born after observing the challenge of applying academic knowledge about radiographic critique in clinical practice.  The SPICERAT concept was developed to make the critique easier to remember and understand. SPICERAT categorises radiographic critique into easily understandable concepts. Combining SPICERAT with website and mobile phone application technology makes the understanding of radiographic critique available to professional radiographers and students throughout their shifts, 24/7

Radcrit is a product of MM Training, which has existed since 1996. Over the years, MM Training has specialised in the supply of training courseware, e-learning software and electronic assessment. Currently the company has its main focus the development and deployment of RadCrit.


Audrey van Rensburg, mentor and legendary clinical tutor in Bloemfontein, South Africa, known for her meticulous attention to positioning criteria detail and for the conseptualisation of the “Big Five” criteria to evaluate radiographic projections.

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