Frequently Asked Questions

You have to answer 20 questions.
You may retake a failed test as many times as needed. A successfully completed test can only be retaken after  24 months.
You have 30 minutes to complete the test. A timer on the top right of the page will keep track of the time. You will be warned 5 minutes before the time elapses.
Your certificate will be emailed to you immediately after successful completion of your test.
No problem, you can find your certificate by following these steps:
  • Navigate to the Dashboard page
  • Click on Certificates
  • Click on download of the relevant course
  • Your certificate will now be available in pdf format and ready for print.
Please Note: Your number on certificates already issued can not be changed at all. To change your HPCSA or student number, please send us an email at info@radcrit.co.za with a request to reset your account. We will reset your account and inform you by email. When you receive the email, login with your username/email address and password, then go to Dashboard and activate your account with the correct registration number. If you want us to change your HPCSA or student number on your behalf, you need to email us a certified copy of your HPCSA or student registration, as well as a copy of your ID.
You first have to register as a user and activate your account to be able to unlock a course. Once registered, follow these steps:
  • Login with your username/email address and password
  • Click on Home or Shop.
  • Click on a category of interest.
  • Click again on the subcategory of interest.
  • Click “Unlock Course” underneath the course of interest. Your course will be added to your shopping cart. Repeat these steps to add more courses to your cart.
  • Click on the small cart icon on the product image or navigate to item on the menu bar and click on View Cart to view the content of your shopping cart.
  • Once satisfied with the content of your cart, proceed to checkout.
Courses can also be unlocked from the Dashboard page.
  • Click on the Courses button, then on the category of interest and again on the subcategory. Click on “Unlock course” which will direct you to the shopping page.
  • Click on Tests and then on your course of interest to be directed to the shopping page.
Universities order Radcrit courses through their procurement department. If your University purchased Radcrit Courses, you will automatically have access to all the courses once your account has been activated.