Frequently Asked Questions

  • Navigate to Dashboard on the Menu bar
  • On the Dashboard page, click on Tests
  • A list of unlocked courses and tests will appear under the My Courses and My Tests column
  • If you passed the test, the date will appear in the My Tests column
  • Navigate to Dashboard on the Menu bar
  • Click on Certificates
  • The certificates for passed tests will appear
On the Dashboard page, do any of the following:
  • On the block named “Current CEUs” click on View Details for more info
  • Click on the Certificates menu to see a detailed description of your expired CEUs
MM Training has specialised in supplying IT and soft skills courseware, as well as e-learning and electronic assessments for the past two decades. Currently, the company has as its main focus on the development and deployment of RadCrit
As a registered user you can monitor your CEUs, you can reprint your certificates and you'll be able to manage and track your orders. It's easy to do and it's free.
Radcrit specialises in the recapping of previous knowledge of Radiographic Critique. Earning CEU’s while flavouring your Radiographic Critique with Radcrit’s training modules is easy and fun. Radcrit keeps track of your CPD progress and keeps record of your current and expired CEUs. Tests are conducted online and scores and certificates are immediately available after the successful completion of the online test. Radcrit was developed by specialists with a combined experience of more than 50 years in training and education. Online deployment makes not only the learning of Radiographic Critique accessible, but with mobile phone application technology also available 24/7.  
Yes, we are continually developing new courses. To see a list of courses that will be available soon, click on the menu item Coming Soon on the menu bar.